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Interim project management, project audits and outsourcing

Professional and reliable project support of any complexity:

  • Investment projects
  • Interim management
  • Crisis management
  • EPC contracts

What is interim project management?

Interim project management (or project management outsourcing) is consultancy work of an external project manager, project management officer (PMO) or a whole project office (team) in the customer’s project to secure efficient project management and achievement of KPIs.

The customer is allocated a professional team (including project manager, project administrator, business analytics and subject-matter experts) at short notice and with the requisite qualifications.

Interim managers are placed in your organization and become a project team member and a part of the client’s resource pool during a project.

Which companies need this?

  • Investment funds
  • Family offices and private investors
  • Asset management companies
  • General contractors

External management is a way to launch a big investment project within a limited time frame.

You can order any particular services or a complex turnkey solution

Project auditing and monitoring of investment projects

We control the efficiency and achievement of results through KPIs:

  • Expertise and follow-up revision of strategic plans together with monitoring of budgets
  • Development of a system of regular end-to-end reporting for the customer and controlling of data actuality
  • Implementation of project management software (if needed)

Project sourcing and staff training

Recruitment, auditions and training of candidates for project teams:

  • Face-to-face and remote interviews with candidates
  • Evaluation of candidates’ competence, drafting of recommendations for further employment
  • Training for top management and project team members

Project planning, supplier management and contracting

Development of general project management plan and defining required pool of resources for the project:

  • Development of methodologies for project management, integration with current organizational structure
  • Development of project charter, plan and budget according to the strategic goals
  • Procurement procedures to engage external suppliers and subcontractors

Business administration, outsourced CEO

Full service of investment and business operations of the entity:

  • Support in registration of the legal entity (subsidiary or SPV)
  • CEO service as a representative to tax authorities and signing of contracts
  • Outsourcing activities in business development, representative, accounting and other functions

Key results of project management outsourcing


Projects are completed more efficiently and meet planned deadlines


Increase of project ROI and reduction of break-even point through quick start


Fast hiring of highly-qualified staff for projects


Full statistics on financial costs and delivery time for all projects

External Project Management Allows Investors to Launch More Profitable Projects!

Our experts have assisted in increasing profits in more than 30 companies in different business fields

MMC Norilskiy Nikel (Moscow, RUSSIA)

Russian mining and metallurgical company, the biggest palladium manufacture, one of the biggest nickel, platinum, and copper manufactures

Problem: there are a lot of IT projects going on simultaneously. In order to provide proper program and project management, it is necessary to implement unified rules of project planning, governance, and control.

Solution: development of technical design specification and implementation of project management system based on Microsoft Project Online. The templates of typical project plans have been developed and key project team members have been added into the system as resources. Employees of the Project Management Office have been trained by a certified trainer and have become the competence centre of IT project management in the company.

Results: implementation of the end-to-end project reporting system allowed top-management to get cutting-edge information about implementation of all IT projects.


One of the biggest Russian agricultural holdings. Specializes in cattle breeding, meat, flax and grain production, and processing.

Problem: as prerequisites for the automation and implementation of electronic workflow project, it was needed to develop descriptions for more than 120 business processes.

Solution: Implementation of the Business Studio modeling software with customization of the templates and staff training of the Business process management office. Following interviews with key process owners, process descriptions were developed and approved by the customer...

Results: descriptions for more than 120 business processes for each of 31 business lines have been developed in just half a year.

Kapsch TrafficCom Russia (Moscow, RUSSIA)

Austrian company, provider of Intelligent Transportation System solutions

Problem: delay in project delivery time, technical and commercial proposal development

Solution: description and improvement of key business processes. Training and interviews with company experts have been conducted, and a number of communication trouble spots have been identified. Business process descriptions and organisation manuals with reference to all process steps and people responsible for their accomplishment have been developed.

Results: business proposal preparation time has twice been decreased, and the company has managed to pass the ISO 9001 certification of quality management system.

Plc "VRK-3" (Moscow, RUSSIA)

Subsidiary of “Russian Railways” specialising in freight waggon repair and maintenance

Problem: absence of process management and KPI motivation system (did not execute decision of “Russian Railways”).

Solution: organisation of the division aimed at implementation of the process-based management methodology, business process description, and improvement.

Results: Business process management office has been created, its staff has been trained to use methods and tools of business processes description and improvement. Business processes have been described “as is”, problems have been identified and feasibility studies for resolving have been developed and implemented.

Expert in this field



Business consultant, strategic project management expert.


MBA degree in finance and strategic management

Certified project manager IPMA Level C

Internship experience in universities in Germany and Italy

Professional experience

Professional project manager with 15 years experience. Business development, strategic project management and operational excellence expert.

He has launched a few start-up projects in IT and telecommunications, engineering and services sector. Worked as Project management officer in a large Austrian based company for a few years and managed federal-scale investment, pre-sale and customer projects.

Leading expert of YOUCONSULT project management center in strategic consulting and business process improvement.

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